What To Wear

What you wear for your session is very important, even more so than the location itself. Your outfit choices really set the mood for the entire shoot. Having been on the other side of the camera myself, I know how overwhelming it can be to pick an outfit for the entire family.

I recommend starting with one outfit and then select one more at a time. It’s best to pick an outfit with a pattern and pull the colors from there. You want to have coordinated colors but not be matchy-matchy.

For example, pick a dress for mom or daughter and have the rest of the family wear coordinating colors. Also, adding textures and layers work great for photos. Add a hat, scarf, a headband, etc. I personally love Old Navy and Gap for family outfits. They offer something for the entire family.

Avoid dressing using the same type and color shirts or pants. For example, avoid having everyone wear the same solid color shirts. You really want to show each family member’s unique personality.

In general, also please avoid:

  • -Athletic tennis shoes, crocs or plastic sandals (barefoot is fine!)
  • -Big bows/headbands that might distract from your beautiful child
  • -Any logos, characters or big graphics
  • -Super bright or neon colors

For newborn sessions, I recommend light (off-white, crème, neutral) colors. For maternity sessions, a form-fitting but flowy dress/skirt.

Pinterest is a great source for inspiration. Simply search for terms like “what to wear family” and you’ll find tons of images with great examples. Also see below for some samples.

But the most important thing is to be comfortable with what you wear and let it reflect who you are!

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