Why I Still Use My Point & Shoot

Before diving into the world of DSLR photography I started with the film version of the Canon Elf. I have boxes of empty rolls of film and strips of negatives that I just can’t part with. I loved everything about that camera until the digital version of it came out. Then I was in heaven. It meant I could take pictures and INSTANTLY see them. I had hit the jackpot baby! WOOT WOOT! The impatient me could now not only SEE pictures instantly, I could DELETE the ones that were dark, out of focus, and poorly composed without costing a dime. I no longer had to waste money on pictures that didn’t turn out!

Over the years I have upgraded my Canon Elf a few times and have always been pretty happy with it. Of course the shutter speed, ISO, and focus capabilities can’t even begin to compare to my full frame Canon 5D Mark II, but the Elf is small, compact, and convenient. I would prefer to always use my full frame camera with interchangeable lenses 100% of the time, but without a doubt, it won’t always be conducive in certain situations. When I’m out and about the Elf fits nicely in my purse; when I’m at home, it’s within a drawer’s reach. My 17 month old son is quick, so I’ve got to get that camera out fast if I have any hope of catching him in action. By the time I would get my full frame out, get a lens on, lens cap off, he’s done doing whatever it was that he was doing. He’s not at that age yet where I can bribe him to ‘do what you just did again and look at the camera’. So, my trusty Canon Elf point and shoot still makes its appearance.

If I didn’t have my little Elf sitting next to me during meal time, I would have missed this precious picture of Lincoln putting my headband on; what every Father dreams his son does one day, right?! haha. Greatest picture ever? Um, no. But I have my Mommy goggles on and love it anyways, even though it’s not technically perfect.

If you’d prefer to have me shoot your session with my Canon Elf, I’m sure that could be arranged. 🙂

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